About Us

Our Philosophy

Kima is a family-owned company that creates raw, plant-based desserts. We produce the highest quality product with the understanding that a healthy body is the first step towards a healthy life. That's why we hand select all of our ingredients, ensuring that they are both fair trade and certified organic. We also care as much about your health as we do the health of our planet. By using sustainable packaging, we value responsibility to the environment around us. We believe in working together to create a greater good and always strive to be gentle on the earth, good for you and bursting with flavor!

Our Story

Kima was founded by Elly Mizban, a raw food chef, restaurant owner, health enthusiast and entrepreneur. Raised in a culinary family in Germany, an exotic variety of lovingly made food has always been at the center of her life. After witnessing family illnesses and her own challenging health issues remedied with the power of food as medicine, Elly sought out to learn more about the world of alternative medicine, plants and nutrition in hope to heal her body. Having suffered from various allergies for years and dismissed by so many doctors it was the first time Elly started to experience the positive effects and felt empowered to continue this journey. After years of researching and studying herbs, plants, nutrition and the ability to utilize the healing effect of nature, Elly started to create delicious raw vegan dishes and desserts for the Café she and her husband opened in Frankfurt, Germany. They are now proudly continuing their love of food, passion for health and knowledge of nutrition to serve incredible delights that excite the palates.

Being a vegetarian from the age of 12, Elly awoke a vegan and highly raw lifestyle following her naturopathic experience. She believes in the importance of "Ahimsa" - the 'non- harming' principle that is the foundation of this company.